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Professional Interior Design & Rendering Software

AiHouse is a user-friendly, intelligent, cloud-based 3D interior design visualization and rendering software platform where you can quickly create a smart panorama and virtual reality (VR) to showcase to end-users/clients. With AiHouse 3D interior and exterior design rendering software, you can provide users with an immersive virtual reality environment to maximize design impact.

Aihouse India offers FREE TRAINING so that users may appreciate the deep, This Ai Interior Rendering Software positive impact the platform will have on design capabilities and customer satisfaction. Aihouse India operates under the aegis of Mitha interior design and construction pvt ltd, based in Gurgaon, HR. India.

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Why AiHouse

With our online floor plan design software, whether you want to design floor plans, interior layouts, furniture, fixtures, and decorative elements, with the help of this powerful kitchen interior design software all that can now be done in a matter of minutes in an intuitive, seamless process. At the starting point, you have 4 ways to design entire complete floorplans – select from library, free drawing mode, importing/uploading from CAD software files & PNG/JPEG images.

We understand that interior design is all about creativity, and that's why our software is designed to give you complete freedom to explore your ideas. With our software, you can easily experiment with different colors, textures, and materials to create the perfect design that meets your client's needs.

What one took days to create, develop and integrate across multiple software can now be seamlessly executed in one integrated, collaborative platform in a matter of hours.

Smart Features

Marketing And Presentation: 720 Panorama can provide users with an immersive virtual reality environment to maximize design impact. With cloud rendering servers, takes only 3 minutes to render a photo-realistic 3D perspective while being able to render multiple perspectives concurrently.

Smart Lighting Function: The renderings automatically adjust the placement and intensity of the lighting, shadows, and chamfering.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Recommendation for Models and Materials: With over 30 million (and growing…) 3D models and materials; AiHouse is able to recommend similar models and textures based on real-life pictures and/or photos.

Intelligent 2D-3D Generation: Ability to recognize 2D floorplan images and automatically convert them into 3D models.

Smart Layout With Multiple Styles For the Whole House: Using artificial intelligence (AI), AiHouse is able to determine the buildup of an interior environment and provide users with furniture recommendations based on their desired interior concept.

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Over 2.6 million interior designers and 8,000 companies are using AiHouse

"AiHouse simplifies 3D visualization process with a beginner-friendly interface. It helps my clients visualize their space in much more detail. How would it evolve next? The possibilities are endless."

Aurelie Tshiama

Founder, The Clamp

"AiHouse is a great software that can provide photorealistic images and panoramas in a much faster way than the conventional tools, saving lots of time in rendering."

Emily Green

Interior Designer