Design & Render

AiHouse Cloud Design Software

Why juggle multiple software when you can do everything in AiHouse? You can easily design every aspect of your ideas with our intelligent workflows. You can quickly deliver compelling proposals with 4K visualizations rendered in minutes.

Work faster and smarter

Easy workflows. Powerful toolsets

On top of a drag and drop experience, we offer 10 parametric modules for customization of storage, flooring, ceiling

Over 30 million 3D models

Stop searching for 3D models. Just use our massive library. Or upload your own Max/SketchUp models.

Exceptional rendering speed

Render HD to 4K images in only a few minutes. Quickly edit Interactive and panoramic walk-throughs.

Generate 2D documents

Get CAD drawings, cutting lists, BOM and quotations with a click.

Core Functions

2d into 3d icon aihouse india

Intelligent 2D to 3D

Import a picture of your floorplan. Convert it to 3D with a click. Start your project right away

convenient modelling icon aihouse india

Convenient Modeling

Build intricate interior and exterior structure with our SketchUp-like Free Modeling module.

ready to use icon aihouse india

Ready-to-use Ideas

Out of design ideas sometimes? Just take whatever suits your projects from our sample scenes.

smart template icon aihouse india

Smart Template

Automatically decorate your floorplans with hundreds of beautiful templates.

panorama editor icon aihouse india

Panorama Editor

Put narratives and options on panoramic walk-throughs to make your visuals more persuasive.

continuous upgrades icon aihouse india

Continuous Upgrades

AiHouse is always evolving. It’s on the cloud so you can enjoy any latest features immediately.

material editor icon aihouse india

Material Editor

Add more realism to the 3D models in your design by tweaking different materials.

huge knowledge base icon aihouse india

Huge Knowledge Base

300+ videos of tutorials and real cases. You’ll be inspired by what AiHouse can handle.


Magic Video

Offer clients fascinating perspectives to your projects with animated walk-throughs. Every aspect of your design would be displayed with incredible realism, thanks to real-time ray tracing technology.

Jaw-dropping Visuals

Real-time Rendering

Interact with your scenes and see the renders instantly. You can make creative decisions in a more realistic way.

Animated Walk-throughs

Produce different animated walk-throughs simply by adjusting camera angles and applying movement formats.

Ray Tracing

Perfectly simulates reflections and shadows, bringing a visual feast to your audience.

AiHouse Friendly

Log in with your AiHouse Cloud Design Software account and directly work on your projects in Magic Video.

More Features

depth of field system icon aihouse india

Depth of Field System

Make your scene artistic and cinematic with deep or shallow DOF.

after effect icon aihouse india

After Effects LUTs

Easily adjust the style of your work according to your creative needs.

animated transition icon aihouse india

Animated Transitions

Present your design vividly from 0 to 1 with different transition effects.

material editor 2 icon aihouse india

Material Editor

Quickly customize the materials in your design to generate greater realism.

Brand Gallery


A cost-effective marketing solution for furniture brands to target the right audience. By being featured in our public library, your products could be used by all AiHouse designers in their projects. You will get more leads as designers prefer to choose real branded products for their clients.

More exposure, more business

Extra Brand Visibility

Designers can just drag your products and drop them in their scenes. You get a potential customer each time your products are used.

Brand Information listed

Your brand name and website are displayed so you can direct audience to see more of your offerings. You can even have a specific page on our website.

Immersive Technology

With AiHouse, you can now immerse customers in their future home with not only stunning 4K images but also interactive panoramas and 720° walk-throughs, all rendered in minutes.

Photorealistic Quality

Our outstanding 4K rendering capability will always make sure your products look amazing in any scenes

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Updating Design to Manufacture System (DMS)

one click order placing icon aihouse india

One Click Order Placing

Place orders from AiHouse 3D Cloud Design Software to DMS with just one click. No CAD drawings needed. All orders can be synchronized through AiHouse cloud system between designers and factory. This greatly improves efficiency and reduces errors caused by repetitive communication. DMS usually saves designers 3-5 hours for each interior project.

intelligent order splitting icon aihouse india

Intelligent Order Splitting

Install hardware, analyze manufacture requirements down to every detail and split the order into separated parts for production. DMS does all the job. Quotation can also be generated and synchronized with order information automatically

board planning optimizations icon aihouse india

Board Planning Optimization

Panels from different orders can be planned together for maximum board utilization based on production requirements. With the advanced optimization algorithm, the board usage rate can reach 95%. Your production waste would be reduced considerably.

connect with machines icon aihouse india

Connect with Machines

Compatible with various machines, such as carving machines, CNC saw, NC machine, NC drills that recognize NC, CSV, MPR, DXF files, etc.

mpm barcode tracking icon aihouse india

MPM Barcode Tracking

A unique barcode will be assigned to each panel for multiple purposes such as production process tracking, packaging, shipping status, etc. Digitalization helps factories reduce mistakes caused by human errors.