AiHouse is here for Interior Designers

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Details are hard

There seems to be no faster way to customize the details of your design. Traditional software are too complicated. Simple floor planners are usually impractical.

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Meaningless waiting

Besides paying for pricy computer setup, you spend a long time waiting for renders. The worst thing is having to go through it again when your clients have endless revision requests.

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3D model hunting

From one website to another, you are always searching for the perfect props, furniture, texture…just for one tiny corner in your scene. And it’s never enough.

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Juggling different software

To bring your design to life, you are constantly switching between different software and extensions. CAD, BIM, Photoshop and even Excel…

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Customize easily

Besides a drag and drop experience, AiHouse offers 10 intelligent modules to help you customize your design down to the last detail. You can easily edit various storage combinations, complicated tiling, multilayer ceiling, intricate exterior structure

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Render in minutes

AiHouse can deliver stunning 4K renders in minutes. You don’t have to worry about your hardware setup as everything happens on the cloud. You can even add interactive features on the panoramas & walk-throughs to make them more engaging to your clients.

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A huge library

AiHouse boasts over 30 million 3D models and texture in the library, covering almost everything that would be needed in interior projects. Of course, you can always upload your own collections to build a personal library.

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Various 2D documents

We think like a professional. AiHouse can generate CAD drawings, cutting lists, BOM and quotations directly from your projects with a click. We take care of the tedious work so you can focus on polishing your design ideas.

Having trouble growing your business?

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Lengthy design process

It's extremely time-consuming to design customized solutions for your clients.

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Hard to impress customers

Customers are no longer satisfied with boring and static proposals, especially young consumers.

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Ineffective marketing

Targeting the right audience is getting more and more costly and difficult.

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High video production costs

A premium promotional video is likely to cost you over $50000.

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Gear up your team

Equip your team and distributors with AiHouse, which would reduce design and render time from days to hours, and from hours to minutes. We can help you get started by building a 3D product catalog for you.

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Engage your customers

With AiHouse, you can now immerse customers in their future home with not only stunning 4K images but also interactive panoramas and 720° walk-throughs, all rendered in minutes.

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Expand your reach

Put your products in our public library so your brand would be presented to all AiHouse designers in the world. You don’t need to spend that much time and money to tap into your target market.

Make your content pop

Create animated walk-throughs with jaw-dropping realism to add the WOW factor to your online content. You can make as many high quality promotional videos as you want without spending a dime.